Lease Production Service

Leased Music Production

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

This License Agreement is between Kwestion and [Your Name Here] ("Licensee"), who has purchased the WAV file of the Kwestion instrumental "[Beat Title] - Produced by [Producer's Name]" ("Kwestion"). Kwestion and Licensee agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. The Licensee is entitled to an amount of 500,000 audio streams on all streaming platforms such as Spotify. Licensee shall have the worldwide, non-exclusive right to sell up to 5,000 units, broadcast on the radio up to 5 different times, and earn up to $5,000 performing publicly the song they create with the Kwestion . Licensee may also use the song they create with the Kwestion in any non-profit projects. The Kwestion production must be combined with other audio (with lyrics) and not be just the instrumental alone. 2. Licensee shall have the worldwide, non-exclusive right to synchronize the Kwestion production with visual media (movies, TV, videos, video games, websites) in up to 5 different for-profit projects. Licensee may also synchronize the Kwestion Production with an unlimited number of YouTube videos. 3. Licensee agrees to pay Kwestion the one time purchasing fee. No royalties will ever be owed. 4. In all Projects in which the Kwestion production is used, Licensee shall give credit in substantially one of the following formats: "Produced by [Producer's Name]" "Beat by [Producer's Name]" "Original Music by [Producer's Name]" 5. This License is granted for the length of the copyright term (the author's life, plus an additional 70 years after the author's death).

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